Medloyalty: Making Dental Care Simple and Affordable for Everyone






Angular, Node.js, PHP

MedLoyalty is an online platform that bridged the gap between patients and dental care professionals. It brought them on the same page and made dental care easily affordable for everyone.

MedLoyalty is responsible for bringing smile on the faces of millions of Americans who no longer have to dodge dentist appointments because of expensive dental plans. This is the reason why it’s widely preferred by many people across the US and worldwide.


Our client is the founder and CEO of one of the largest tele-dentistry service provider platforms in the US. Having spent more than 10 years in the dental care industry, she realized that dental plans are expensive in the US. As a result, 42% Americans don’t even visit their dentists as compared to their primary care doctors. So, she approached us with the idea of a marketplace that could make dental care simple and easily affordable for everyone.

The idea of bringing both dentists and patients on a common platform was intriguing. However, there were many challenges in the way, such as:

  • Efficiently managing the large number of dentists and patients on the platform.
  • Ensuring that the dentist a patient is approaching is authentic.
  • Making the platform secure, user-friendly, and easily accessible for both dentists and patients alike.

To bring the idea of MedLoyalty into reality, we had to overcome all these hurdles first.

What Softobiz Did?

To ensure MedLoyalty is user-friendly for both dentists and patients, our UI/UX did detailed market research and competitor analysis. After going through several options, we settled on a design which interactive, user-friendly, and efficiently met the UI/UX guidelines.

Then to ensure the platform is of the highest quality, we carefully chose the technology stack. For the ease of use, Angular was used on the Front-end for creating the platform.

For better management, we used Laravel on the backend and MySQL as a database. Also, to ensure the platform can scale over time, we developed MedLoyalty in the microservice architecture and used API development to ensure security.

Our DevOps team was also part of this project to ensure high-quality during deployment, reduce the time to market, and build security throughout the entire product development/deployment process.


  • Easy to setup system. All you need is to register and follow a couple of steps to get started.
  • Loyalty-driving tools to really pump up your practice as a dentist.
  • No insurance, paperwork, negotiated fees, or any kind of restrictions. Dentists and patients make all the decisions.
  • You no longer must worry about insurance, co-pays, deductibles, reimbursements, and rejected claims if your dentist is a MedLoyalty partner.
  • Access your routine dental care for a fixed monthly fee that you can easily afford.

Value Delivered

Our efforts finally paid off and we were able to bring client’s vision into reality with MedLoyalty. It’s an online platform on which dentists can setup dental plans and patients can purchase them at an affordable price. Dentists don’t even have to worry about anything after setting up the subscription plan on MedLoyalty. The platform takes care of everything on its own. Instead, they can focus more on developing long-lasting relationships with their clients.

“All thanks to affordable pricing of MedLoyalty, over 42% Americans who earlier avoided visiting dentists now now easily afford dental plans.”

And this easy accessibility, affordable pricing, and the value offered by MedLoyalty is the reason why it’s being widely preferred by both dentist and clients alike who are seeing it as a preferred alternative over costly dental plans.

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